Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today is a gray day... In fact I think it's getting gloomier by the second. But gloomy or not, I had a bright lunch with my husband! He called me at work and asked me out on a lunch-date. :-) I was pleasantly surprised and of course said "yes". He has been very busy studying and working lately and we just needed a few minutes to catch up with each other and chit-chat. It was a nice respite to a wintry workday.

Over the weekend my parents came to visit us. They were slated to return home on Monday, but actually got "snowed in" and decided to stay with us another day, which was terrific. :-) We always enjoy their visits and usually end up eating very well! We did a bit of shopping, playing games, chuch activities, movie watching, and actually furniture re-arranging. lol Brenda and Gerald came over Saturday and surprised us with two nice recliner chairs and a flatscreen TV that had all been in Grandma Wonch's apartment. Talk about a wonderful surprise! We are so thankful. So Monday morning we received the most snow we've had all winter- Kuna got dumped on more than anywhere else around us. It was crazy really. My folks decided to have a leisurely time and just hang out an extra day.

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