Thursday, March 3, 2011


So much has happened in this last year. I know I haven't been on this blog in quite awhile. Truth is, I started a new blog last spring and thought that would work out, but for some reason I'm having a lot of trouble with it. So here I am, back to my faithful Blogger blog. lol I'm not going to keep any promises about "Oh I'm going to be so much better at keeping up this blog now!" because really... we know I'll have spurts of writing and spurts of absence. That's just how it is! :-) But I'm here to say "I'm back"....

Yes, a lot has happened in this past year, but God is good and we are alive and well through the loss of both of my dear grandpas and the loss of our Boomer-boy. We rejoyce they are in heaven and in the meantime are happy to have our Gatsby puppy, who I refer to as Monster. :-) He is now 6 months old as of last week, and by now probably 80+ pounds. He's growing bigger by the day (a half a pound to be exact) and we hope he is maturing that fast too. Puppies will be puppies! He's pretty smart and really is the cutest thing ever. It's hard to stay mad at hime for long when he does naughty things because he is just too adorable.

My parents are coming to town this weekend and I'm so excited for that.

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