Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Casey & Casey

Yes, I've been away from my blog for awhile... So sorry for that! But I'm back now and hopefully will learn my lesson and become a better blogger. :-)

As you see, the terrific couple from this wedding were BOTH named Casey. We teased them about being Casey squared... They had such supportive and loving family and had a good crowd of people on their big day at the Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene. I had the priviledge of following the ladies of the bridal party around in the morning and hanging out in their hotel suite while they got ready. I had a blast watching them playing pool and even snuck the luggage cart down the hall for a joy ride. :-) The bride's father wrote all of the songs and music for the wedding, and a special song during the reception too... Very talented family. Wish them the best...

I'd love to add more photos, but it's taking my computer too long. If you're curious to see more, go check out my website in the Gallery page. www.roadlesstraveledphotos.com